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The winter time is here. Harsh winter weather can do a number on your indoor carpets. Snow, ice, water, dirt, salt, and various other things are finding ways into your carpet every day. Salt is maybe the most damaging element that winter presents to carpets. The entrances of many of our client’s homes are the first to fall victim to salt and it’s mess. The first sign is the carpet’s colour becoming clouded due to the salt residue.

In addition to altering the appearance of the carpet, salt can actually permanently damage the materials in your rug. The residue from salt can slowly break down the fine fibres in your carpet and can strip the carpet of its chemical compounds.

It’s not just carpets that fall victim to salt. Your hard floor surfaces can also be affected. The salt tracked into your home can strip the urethane coating off your tile and wood flooring. Once this coating is compromised your floor is more likely to suffer damage from moisture, dirt and abrasion.

The water tracked into your home can also cause damage to your carpets. When left for extended periods of time, moist carpets can develop mold or a musty smell. It’s important to clean messes as quickly as possible and again to focus your cleaning attention firstly on entrances.

The best way to combat damages from salt and moisture is to have mats outside entrances. Also, be mindful of how much salt you are using outdoors. Many people can actually get away with using less salt on their walkways. There are also less abrasive melting agents on the market that can actually eliminate salt completely. Regularly cleaning your floors will dramatically decrease the chances of your home suffering from winter-related damages. Hiring professional carpet cleaners will protect the investment you’ve made on flooring your home by ensuring your carpets remain pristine throughout the year.