Carpets & Carpet Cleaning Services


We walk your carpets, exam all stains and materials and listen to your concerns.

We will be very honest with you and explain why some carpet spots cannot be removed such as strong dyes. We talk about solutions to these problems if they arise. Having said that we put our outmost effort and heart into removing all stains as we know the look of your carpet reflects upon your business. With the latest in modern solutions what once could not be removed is now doable. Our trained and trustworthy team use their extensive knowledge while working for you.

So the first step is to vacuum your carpets with a commercial vacuum.

Then we tackle all stubborn stains and spills. Once they are removed we bring out the appropriate machines.

We do not move furniture unless requested and only light items that can be moved by one person, but not antique or decorative pieces.

While carpet cleaning we use protection under your furniture, plastic tabs, to keep your furniture from sitting in moisture.

To truly get your carpet clean we use a hot water, deep cleaning method, with a high quality, low suds solution.

It takes approximately 8 hours for carpets to dry although using fans will quicken the drying process.

We set up fans if requested and then return to retrieve them.

Occasionally a stubborn spot, although appearing to have vanished, will come back in a few days or a week. If you notify us within 30 days we will return and address the problem.