Office traffic can take its toll on your carpet’s lifespan and we at Carpet Care Systems have seen, at times, incorrect recommendations for the type of carpet you should be installing in your office. It is not always the most expensive carpet that will fit your needs. Another salient point would be the type of backing your carpet has. It can greatly affect the cleaning method that will be needed as well as the solutions that can be used.   We, at Carpet Care Systems, recommend that when installing new carpets you do much research on carpet materials before placing an order and do not be swayed by end of the roll sales. Please talk to your carpet cleaning service for advice before laying new carpet.

Typically carpets are made of nylon, olefin, polyester or wool. Each fibre has strengths and weaknesses and that must be taken into account when picking out a carpet fibre. Carpet fibres react differently, some will flatten easily and will not stand up to foot traffic, others will absorb oil- based compounds, and no carpet fibre is perfect.


Carpet tiles are now recommended for commercial use because individual tiles can easily be replaced if they are damaged.


Advance Nylon, Nylon 6 – Of the most commonly used fibres the new nylons can be one of the most expensive but a more cost effective fibre in the long run. It is the strongest synthetic fibre, therefore making it excellent for commercial use. It stands up well to foot traffic and has excellence stain resistance.

Olefin – Because of the dying method used in its manufacturing olefin is resistant to sunlight fading.   Olefin can be used for outdoor carpets as it has a built in resistance to mildew and moisture. It also has superior stain resistance except for oil-based stains. It is not the most resilient of fibres as it can mat and crush easily.

Polyester – This fibre is not as durable as nylon although it is non-allergenic, resists mildew, is fade resistant, stain resistant and comes in array of colours. It feels soft to the touch. It is susceptible to crushing and will absorb oil-based stains although cleans easily.

Wool – It is an excellent natural material and soft to the touch. It is the most expensive of all carpets but offers durability, flame resistance and repels water naturally. It is ecologically renewable. Wool does require special care. Carpet cleaning solutions used on other kinds of carpets can damage wool carpets so one should rely on a carpet cleaning company that is experienced in the cleaning of wool carpets.


Purchasing a carpet for your business is an investment worth protecting. Having a programmed professional carpet cleaning service ensures that your carpet will continue to look amazing and maintain its condition for years to come.

An advantage to hiring a professional carpet cleaning company is the knowledge and experience they bring to the job. You have enough to be concerned about in running your business so let us take away one of your concerns. Often people don’t realize that there are many types of carpets, each with their own characteristics and requirements. So let us put our knowledge to good use and determine the correct cleaning method for your carpet and insure that your investment will keep its value.

We build packages based on your company’s unique cleaning needs. After a consultation we will work with you to create a cleaning schedule that will suit your business. We offer single carpet cleans, ongoing scheduled cleans and everything in between. We bring the latest cleaning equipment to the job and that with years of experience ensures that we meet all of our clients’ expectations.

Hiring Carpet Care Systems just makes sense for many Toronto, the GTA, Vaughan and Mississauga businesses. Taking care of everything by yourself or by your staff often proves non profitable. That is why we are here, so you can focus on the day-to-day operations of your company. We have the utmost respect for your place of business, our teams work diligently and quietly so please call us at 416-247-7311 for a free estimate or contact us at