Make sure your larger, commercial grade mats have been put down in all your entrances

At this time of year, when the winds become bitterly cold and the hats and gloves come out, many offices arrange a celebration for their staff, some quietly while other offices organize a larger event, to wish everyone greetings of the season and a Happy New Year. Many of our customers will enjoy a few hours with their staff and associates by ordering in snacks and seasonal drinks such as creamy peppermint coffees and cups of steaming hot apple cider. As we sit chatting and enjoying this delicious fare, spills can happen. We at Carpet Care Systems recommend that these stains be dealt with quickly by carefully scraping them up or by gently blotting them, definitely no rubbing. Inform your carpet cleaning company as to what caused the stains so they can be dealt with that very night. If your carpet cleaners know the chemical composition of these spots they should have special cleaners for such spills. These distinct cleaning solutions will break down the enzymes and let a carpet cleaning company such as Carpet Care Systems do the job by working smarter rather than longer.

To maintain the appearance of your carpets, spot cleaning is an essential daily job. If left untouched these spots, often sticky, will attract more dirt and as one walks on the fibres the fibres will become matted and unattractive. Matted fibres will also wear more easily and in the long run their appearance will be disappointing to the purchaser. After a spot cleaning, office carpets need to be vacuumed nightly. In some cases where there is a high traffic area or an area more prone to spills an all over steam cleaning of those areas should be performed more frequently. Carpet Care Systems recommends, at a minimum, a once a year steam and/or rotary carpet cleaning of your office carpets. We have some customers that have kept their carpets looking almost like new for many, many years by having Carpet Care Systems come in to clean their carpets every three months. Whatever schedule you chose to suit your budget needs, yearly or more often, a thorough carpet cleaning by a professional carpet cleaning company such as Carpet Care Systems is necessary to protect your investment.

As much as it is enjoyable to celebrate the winter season and ring in the New Year we also have to face the fact that soon we will be bringing in snow, slush and dirt into our offices. It is best to continuously shovel off as much of the snow and ice as you can from your walkways and entrances but it if proves too difficult let Carpet Care Systems supply you with de-icers at a reasonable cost. These products will help thaw the ice plus will give your shoes something to grip when walking. But to a degree some of these crystals will be tracked into your office. So one way to keep your carpets in good condition is to purchase protective mats, which we can supply, to put down in all your entrances. These mats will absorb some of your shoe grime, the moisture and catch some of the granules before you step onto your wall-to-all carpets.

If you are lucky enough you may have purchased a carpet with a special coating such as Scotch Guard that will help stop the dirt and moisture from being pushed deep into your fibres. But in time this protection does wear away so you will need to ask your cleaning company to re-apply this protective solution periodically such as after a carpet cleaning.

Some offices may be concerned by the whitish stains that appear on their entrance mats during the winter months. These are caused by the residue from de-icers and road salts brought in on your footwear but there is no need to worry as we at Carpet Care Systems have a special solution that will quickly take care of this problem. Generally, come the spring, Carpet Care Systems does a thorough steam cleaning of these larger, heavy entrance mats and after a few days of drying we re-vacuum them and to show off your beautiful carpets we can roll them up and put them away for you in your supply room until next fall, although we still recommend that you keep smaller heavy duty mats in your entrances to soak up the moisture from spring rains.

So whether you need Carpet Care Systems to come in to clean your carpets after a small office get-together, a major event, to clean those entrance mats during the winter/spring months or to set up a yearly carpet maintenance program please contact us at or call us at 416-247-7311.

As CARPET CARE SYSTEMS rings in 2016 we want to express our appreciation for all the hard work performed by our experienced and loyal staff and take the opportunity to say a heartfelt thank you to all our valued customers.