Summer has come to a close and the evening shadows fall a lot sooner and now is the right time to examine the condition of your carpets and rugs.

In some offices, windows can still be left open to let the summer dust and allergens seep in. In other offices, windows are tightly sealed and the AC is continuously running during the summer and circulating the same dusty air throughout, even if there is a filter system. Fall is the perfect time to give your carpets and rugs a steam cleaning along with cleaning your cloth partitions and all soft materials. Carpet Care Systems is trying to, AT THIS TIME OF YEAR, clear your offices of the fecal matter that has been left by dust mites, allergens from pollen, the general grime that has been dragged in on your shoes, plus remove any stains from the spills of summer drinks. Steam cleaning carpets will kill dust mites and remove allergens which in turn will reduce illness and lost work days. And of course create a favourable impression when clients enter your premises.

If your company has completed any renovations this summer check to see if the construction company has not left behind any stains from grease, oil or paint, which will require specialized removers on these kind of spots, before having your carpets cleaned. Has drywall dust, which comes from newly sanded walls, seeped into your carpets? This kind of drywall dust will travel deep into carpet fibres and will need a commercial grade vacuuming before a steam and/or rotary carpet cleaning.

Thinking back to last winter, ask yourself if you had enough mats for your entrances to soak up autumn rains and melting snows. At the same time ask yourself if at the end of last winter did your carpet cleaning company give them a good scrubbing to remove winter stains and let them dry before they put them away for the next fall. Make sure that the mats you have are commercial grade mats, heavy in weight so that they lay flat so clients will not trip over them. They also need to have the proper kind of backing so that they do not easily slide around. Carpet Care Systems will gladly re-clean or supply your company with new mats.

CARPET CARE SYSTEMS will be only too glad to remove from your carpets and rugs all traces of construction dust, allergens and the general grime of summer. Please call 416-247-7311

Carpets & Carpet Cleaning Services


We walk your carpets, exam all stains and materials and listen to your concerns.

We will be very honest with you and explain why some carpet spots cannot be removed such as strong dyes. We talk about solutions to these problems if they arise. Having said that we put our outmost effort and heart into removing all stains as we know the look of your carpet reflects upon your business. With the latest in modern solutions what once could not be removed is now doable. Our trained and trustworthy team use their extensive knowledge while working for you.

So the first step is to vacuum your carpets with a commercial vacuum.

Then we tackle all stubborn stains and spills. Once they are removed we bring out the appropriate machines.

We do not move furniture unless requested and only light items that can be moved by one person, but not antique or decorative pieces.

While carpet cleaning we use protection under your furniture, plastic tabs, to keep your furniture from sitting in moisture.

To truly get your carpet clean we use a hot water, deep cleaning method, with a high quality, low suds solution.

It takes approximately 8 hours for carpets to dry although using fans will quicken the drying process.

We set up fans if requested and then return to retrieve them.

Occasionally a stubborn spot, although appearing to have vanished, will come back in a few days or a week. If you notify us within 30 days we will return and address the problem.



What do these mean and does your cleaning company work within these requirements?



This is an information system set up by the government, it is course taken by a number of our employees at CARPET CARE SYSTEMS to ensure the health and safety of all our fellow employees and the companies we work for. This course is a legal requirement for companies who work with cleaning materials. This course follows all Federal and Provincial regulations. A fee is paid and a course load is provided and then an exam is written. CARPET CARE SYSTEMS has employees who have passed this course and are certified members.



This stands for Material Safety Data Sheets. Companies that manufacture our cleaning solutions are required by law to maintain safety data sheets for all the products they produce and we use, whether it be Pledge or Lysol, just to name a few. We obtain the necessary data sheet for each product, we then assemble them into a binder and they are left on the premises with our customers. These books are generally updated yearly or as needed when a new cleaning product is used on your premises.