Make sure your larger, commercial grade mats have been put down in all your entrances

At this time of year, when the winds become bitterly cold and the hats and gloves come out, many offices arrange a celebration for their staff, some quietly while other offices organize a larger event, to wish everyone greetings of the season and a Happy New Year. Many of our customers will enjoy a few hours with their staff and associates by ordering in snacks and seasonal drinks such as creamy peppermint coffees and cups of steaming hot apple cider. As we sit chatting and enjoying this delicious fare, spills can happen. We at Carpet Care Systems recommend that these stains be dealt with quickly by carefully scraping them up or by gently blotting them, definitely no rubbing. Inform your carpet cleaning company as to what caused the stains so they can be dealt with that very night. If your carpet cleaners know the chemical composition of these spots they should have special cleaners for such spills. These distinct cleaning solutions will break down the enzymes and let a carpet cleaning company such as Carpet Care Systems do the job by working smarter rather than longer.

To maintain the appearance of your carpets, spot cleaning is an essential daily job. If left untouched these spots, often sticky, will attract more dirt and as one walks on the fibres the fibres will become matted and unattractive. Matted fibres will also wear more easily and in the long run their appearance will be disappointing to the purchaser. After a spot cleaning, office carpets need to be vacuumed nightly. In some cases where there is a high traffic area or an area more prone to spills an all over steam cleaning of those areas should be performed more frequently. Carpet Care Systems recommends, at a minimum, a once a year steam and/or rotary carpet cleaning of your office carpets. We have some customers that have kept their carpets looking almost like new for many, many years by having Carpet Care Systems come in to clean their carpets every three months. Whatever schedule you chose to suit your budget needs, yearly or more often, a thorough carpet cleaning by a professional carpet cleaning company such as Carpet Care Systems is necessary to protect your investment.

As much as it is enjoyable to celebrate the winter season and ring in the New Year we also have to face the fact that soon we will be bringing in snow, slush and dirt into our offices. It is best to continuously shovel off as much of the snow and ice as you can from your walkways and entrances but it if proves too difficult let Carpet Care Systems supply you with de-icers at a reasonable cost. These products will help thaw the ice plus will give your shoes something to grip when walking. But to a degree some of these crystals will be tracked into your office. So one way to keep your carpets in good condition is to purchase protective mats, which we can supply, to put down in all your entrances. These mats will absorb some of your shoe grime, the moisture and catch some of the granules before you step onto your wall-to-all carpets.

If you are lucky enough you may have purchased a carpet with a special coating such as Scotch Guard that will help stop the dirt and moisture from being pushed deep into your fibres. But in time this protection does wear away so you will need to ask your cleaning company to re-apply this protective solution periodically such as after a carpet cleaning.

Some offices may be concerned by the whitish stains that appear on their entrance mats during the winter months. These are caused by the residue from de-icers and road salts brought in on your footwear but there is no need to worry as we at Carpet Care Systems have a special solution that will quickly take care of this problem. Generally, come the spring, Carpet Care Systems does a thorough steam cleaning of these larger, heavy entrance mats and after a few days of drying we re-vacuum them and to show off your beautiful carpets we can roll them up and put them away for you in your supply room until next fall, although we still recommend that you keep smaller heavy duty mats in your entrances to soak up the moisture from spring rains.

So whether you need Carpet Care Systems to come in to clean your carpets after a small office get-together, a major event, to clean those entrance mats during the winter/spring months or to set up a yearly carpet maintenance program please contact us at or call us at 416-247-7311.

As CARPET CARE SYSTEMS rings in 2016 we want to express our appreciation for all the hard work performed by our experienced and loyal staff and take the opportunity to say a heartfelt thank you to all our valued customers.



Carpets & Carpet Cleaning Services Toronto & Vaughan


Customers often assume that one of the hardest things to keep clean in the office are carpets but that is far from the truth if you hire a professional carpet cleaner and set up a yearly maintenance program. Even so offices will frequently pick tile over carpet and never think of the benefits that carpets offer to an office.

Many people are surprised when they learn that new carpet installations are the lowest VOC (volatile organic compound) floor choices available and that what little there is of these compounds will dissipate within 48 hours.  Office owners also reason that carpets should not be used in offices because of employees’ allergies but in fact their fibres act as traps for pollen, dust and other airborne particles.  Instead of having particles floating around in the air every time there is movement in the office, studies have shown that when these particles are trapped in the carpets employees with allergies and asthma have a reduction of symptoms.  Of course CARPET CARE SYSTEMS would recommend a nightly clean-up of spills and stains and a vacuuming with a commercial grade vacuum.

Offices can be noisy places but carpets help absorb sound from the noise of foot traffic, computers and phones and they will also muffle the conversations of employees.   By adding an extra thick underlay even more sound is absorbed.  Carpets can act as a sound barrier from room to room and between floors. Some offices will even hang designer rugs on walls or carpet the walls to provide another layer of sound absorption.

Carpets will help reduce falls and slips as compared to walking on smooth floor tiles and carpets will lessen the impact if one does fall. Carpeting underfoot becomes its own shock absorber.

Carpeting provides some R-value which is helpful in our colder seasons. For many people, the appealing factor in buying carpeting is its beauty.  It can, by itself, make a statement in your office by the colour or pattern you chose.  There are thousands of colours, patterns and textures of carpets that you can pick from and then enjoy its many benefits.

So whether you have broadloom, carpet tiles, or area rugs, we at CAREPET CARE SYSTEMS, experienced and trustworthy carpet cleaners, in business for 18 years, know that purchasing a carpet is a costly investment so we will be only too happy to care for your carpets by setting up a cost effective maintenance program to suit your needs. Please call 416-247-7311 or email us at



What do these mean and does your cleaning company work within these requirements?



This is an information system set up by the government, it is course taken by a number of our employees at CARPET CARE SYSTEMS to ensure the health and safety of all our fellow employees and the companies we work for. This course is a legal requirement for companies who work with cleaning materials. This course follows all Federal and Provincial regulations. A fee is paid and a course load is provided and then an exam is written. CARPET CARE SYSTEMS has employees who have passed this course and are certified members.



This stands for Material Safety Data Sheets. Companies that manufacture our cleaning solutions are required by law to maintain safety data sheets for all the products they produce and we use, whether it be Pledge or Lysol, just to name a few. We obtain the necessary data sheet for each product, we then assemble them into a binder and they are left on the premises with our customers. These books are generally updated yearly or as needed when a new cleaning product is used on your premises.


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We at CARPET CARE SYSTEMS, in business since 1997, specializing in CARPET CLEANING and AREA RUG AND UPUHOLSTERY CLEANING SERVICES are pleased to announce our newly redesigned website created and maintained by Insiteful Solutions.

This newly streamlined site is designed for our clients to easily access relevant topics that their company may need to search out. This new user-friendly site will provide more information about our ROTARY CLEANING, STEAM CLEANING and FLOOD CLEANING AND RESTORATION sites, to name just a few services that our company provides.

WE DO IT ALL, so please call us at 416-247-7311 or go to our website to learn more about CARPET CARE SYSTEMS and the expert, comprehensive work we can do for you. We will gladly provide a free estimate or answer any of your questions regarding your carpet cleaning enquiries.



Office traffic can take its toll on your carpet’s lifespan and we at Carpet Care Systems have seen, at times, incorrect recommendations for the type of carpet you should be installing in your office. It is not always the most expensive carpet that will fit your needs. Another salient point would be the type of backing your carpet has. It can greatly affect the cleaning method that will be needed as well as the solutions that can be used.   We, at Carpet Care Systems, recommend that when installing new carpets you do much research on carpet materials before placing an order and do not be swayed by end of the roll sales. Please talk to your carpet cleaning service for advice before laying new carpet.

Typically carpets are made of nylon, olefin, polyester or wool. Each fibre has strengths and weaknesses and that must be taken into account when picking out a carpet fibre. Carpet fibres react differently, some will flatten easily and will not stand up to foot traffic, others will absorb oil- based compounds, and no carpet fibre is perfect.


Carpet tiles are now recommended for commercial use because individual tiles can easily be replaced if they are damaged.


Advance Nylon, Nylon 6 – Of the most commonly used fibres the new nylons can be one of the most expensive but a more cost effective fibre in the long run. It is the strongest synthetic fibre, therefore making it excellent for commercial use. It stands up well to foot traffic and has excellence stain resistance.

Olefin – Because of the dying method used in its manufacturing olefin is resistant to sunlight fading.   Olefin can be used for outdoor carpets as it has a built in resistance to mildew and moisture. It also has superior stain resistance except for oil-based stains. It is not the most resilient of fibres as it can mat and crush easily.

Polyester – This fibre is not as durable as nylon although it is non-allergenic, resists mildew, is fade resistant, stain resistant and comes in array of colours. It feels soft to the touch. It is susceptible to crushing and will absorb oil-based stains although cleans easily.

Wool – It is an excellent natural material and soft to the touch. It is the most expensive of all carpets but offers durability, flame resistance and repels water naturally. It is ecologically renewable. Wool does require special care. Carpet cleaning solutions used on other kinds of carpets can damage wool carpets so one should rely on a carpet cleaning company that is experienced in the cleaning of wool carpets.


Purchasing a carpet for your business is an investment worth protecting. Having a programmed professional carpet cleaning service ensures that your carpet will continue to look amazing and maintain its condition for years to come.

An advantage to hiring a professional carpet cleaning company is the knowledge and experience they bring to the job. You have enough to be concerned about in running your business so let us take away one of your concerns. Often people don’t realize that there are many types of carpets, each with their own characteristics and requirements. So let us put our knowledge to good use and determine the correct cleaning method for your carpet and insure that your investment will keep its value.

We build packages based on your company’s unique cleaning needs. After a consultation we will work with you to create a cleaning schedule that will suit your business. We offer single carpet cleans, ongoing scheduled cleans and everything in between. We bring the latest cleaning equipment to the job and that with years of experience ensures that we meet all of our clients’ expectations.

Hiring Carpet Care Systems just makes sense for many Toronto, the GTA, Vaughan and Mississauga businesses. Taking care of everything by yourself or by your staff often proves non profitable. That is why we are here, so you can focus on the day-to-day operations of your company. We have the utmost respect for your place of business, our teams work diligently and quietly so please call us at 416-247-7311 for a free estimate or contact us at

Carpet Cleaning Services – Allergy Season 2015

Keeping your office as free from allergens as possible – Carpet Cleaning Services

Those in the know have already performed an early spring cleaning of their offices, getting rid of salt stains and the grime tracked in on their carpets from our harsh winter weather. But now we need to talk in depth about allergy sufferers, not only those facing early spring allergies but those reacting to year round allergens.

Pollen is a trigger for spring allergies, causing such symptoms as runny noses and itchy, watery red eyes and in turn that can make it difficult for those allergic office staff to concentrate.  As we walk into our offices pollen is tracked in on our shoes and shed off of our clothes and where does it end up but adhering to everything in the office as pollen is a sticky substance.  To make life easier for your staff Carpet Care Systems advises your office to set up a daily carpet cleaning routine and a programmed steam cleaning.

Not only is pollen a culprit in making life difficult for those suffering from allergies but general organic spills from beverages and food can in themselves create problems.  Moisture left unattended can cause mould and mildew to grow. Mould and mildew pose serious health risks, they will exacerbate asthma symptoms.   Asthma is a life threatening disease.

A person can shed enough skin in a day to feed a million dust mites. Some people are allergic to the fecal matter that is left behind by dust mites, causing such allergic symptoms as wheezing, coughing and stuffy, runny noses.  A deep vacuuming of all carpets, rugs and soft materials, daily, is essential to remove fecal matter.   A steam cleaning of your carpets is what is needed to actually kill off the dust mites.  Remember, we spend many hours in the office, dust mites do not just live in your home.  Allergic reactions to the mites can trigger serious asthma attacks.

Pollen, spills and dust mites, contributing factors to allergic reactions, are difficult to keep on top of unless a daily vacuuming of your carpets and soft materials  is performed and a steam cleaning regime is set up to help keep your office allergen free.



Snow, ice, dirt, water, salt and other melting agents have found their way into your offices and onto your carpets during our harsh winter.  Salt and similar ice melting agents are probably the most damaging of elements that affect our carpets.  The entrance carpets are often the first to fall victim to salt, leaving a clouded residue on them.   Salt can permanently damage the fibres of your carpets.  They will need daily attention.

Water tracked onto your carpets can also leave its mark.  When left unattended for a period of time moist carpets can develop mold or a musty smell. Hiring a professional carpet cleaning service who will do a thorough rotary clean with neutralizing solutions will protect the investment you have made in your carpets.

Not only do you have to contend with the mess on your entrance carpets but much of the grime has also been tracked throughout the rest of your office.  So after a spring carpet cleaning of your entrance mats we suggest a steam cleaning of the entire office to revive your winter weary carpets.

As the snow melts, fine particles of gravel and dirt are tracked in on our shoes, these substances become deeply embedded in your carpets and can damage carpet fibres.  A daily vacuuming of your carpeted area is essential to extend the life of your carpets.

Having your carpets cleaned by professionals will also improve the indoor air quality of your office by reducing allergens.

Regular maintenance of your carpets will increase its lifespan, help to maintain its quality, colour and save you money long-term.


Keep Winter Away From Your Carpet – Carpet Cleaning Service

Carpet Cleaning Services Toronto & Vaughan

The winter time is here. Harsh winter weather can do a number on your indoor carpets. Snow, ice, water, dirt, salt, and various other things are finding ways into your carpet every day. Salt is maybe the most damaging element that winter presents to carpets. The entrances of many of our client’s homes are the first to fall victim to salt and it’s mess. The first sign is the carpet’s colour becoming clouded due to the salt residue.

In addition to altering the appearance of the carpet, salt can actually permanently damage the materials in your rug. The residue from salt can slowly break down the fine fibres in your carpet and can strip the carpet of its chemical compounds.

It’s not just carpets that fall victim to salt. Your hard floor surfaces can also be affected. The salt tracked into your home can strip the urethane coating off your tile and wood flooring. Once this coating is compromised your floor is more likely to suffer damage from moisture, dirt and abrasion.

The water tracked into your home can also cause damage to your carpets. When left for extended periods of time, moist carpets can develop mold or a musty smell. It’s important to clean messes as quickly as possible and again to focus your cleaning attention firstly on entrances.

The best way to combat damages from salt and moisture is to have mats outside entrances. Also, be mindful of how much salt you are using outdoors. Many people can actually get away with using less salt on their walkways. There are also less abrasive melting agents on the market that can actually eliminate salt completely. Regularly cleaning your floors will dramatically decrease the chances of your home suffering from winter-related damages. Hiring professional carpet cleaners will protect the investment you’ve made on flooring your home by ensuring your carpets remain pristine throughout the year.

Carpet Cleaning Services for Designer Rugs

Fine Handmade Carpet Cleaning Services

It can take an experienced artist hundreds of hours to create a beautifully designed rug. A fine rug is truly a piece of art, unfortunately it’s destined to live on your floor and receive the abuse of daily foot traffic.

Professional cleaning by the gentle hand of an expert will ensure your expensive fine rugs receive the treatment they deserve and will last for years to come. At Carpet Care Systems we provide personalized full service rug care throughout the Great Toronto Region and in Vaughan. Our team of seasoned professionals understands how important
and valuable your rugs are and we provide the protection and cleaning it deserves.

Some of our most serious rug collectors trust us for their fine carpet cleaning needs. Regular professional cleaning will ensure that your rugs are dirt and dust free. Dirt can actually harm the fibres of a rug, therefore compromising its condition.

Our techniques are proven and will work on both older and newer rugs of all materials. We take pride knowing that we’ve helped keep your handmade rugs in pristine condition for generations to come.

Learn more about our handmade carpet cleaning services by contacting us for a consultation.