What do these mean and does your cleaning company work within these requirements?



This is an information system set up by the government, it is course taken by a number of our employees at CARPET CARE SYSTEMS to ensure the health and safety of all our fellow employees and the companies we work for. This course is a legal requirement for companies who work with cleaning materials. This course follows all Federal and Provincial regulations. A fee is paid and a course load is provided and then an exam is written. CARPET CARE SYSTEMS has employees who have passed this course and are certified members.



This stands for Material Safety Data Sheets. Companies that manufacture our cleaning solutions are required by law to maintain safety data sheets for all the products they produce and we use, whether it be Pledge or Lysol, just to name a few. We obtain the necessary data sheet for each product, we then assemble them into a binder and they are left on the premises with our customers. These books are generally updated yearly or as needed when a new cleaning product is used on your premises.