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Customers often assume that one of the hardest things to keep clean in the office are carpets but that is far from the truth if you hire a professional carpet cleaner and set up a yearly maintenance program. Even so offices will frequently pick tile over carpet and never think of the benefits that carpets offer to an office.

Many people are surprised when they learn that new carpet installations are the lowest VOC (volatile organic compound) floor choices available and that what little there is of these compounds will dissipate within 48 hours.  Office owners also reason that carpets should not be used in offices because of employees’ allergies but in fact their fibres act as traps for pollen, dust and other airborne particles.  Instead of having particles floating around in the air every time there is movement in the office, studies have shown that when these particles are trapped in the carpets employees with allergies and asthma have a reduction of symptoms.  Of course CARPET CARE SYSTEMS would recommend a nightly clean-up of spills and stains and a vacuuming with a commercial grade vacuum.

Offices can be noisy places but carpets help absorb sound from the noise of foot traffic, computers and phones and they will also muffle the conversations of employees.   By adding an extra thick underlay even more sound is absorbed.  Carpets can act as a sound barrier from room to room and between floors. Some offices will even hang designer rugs on walls or carpet the walls to provide another layer of sound absorption.

Carpets will help reduce falls and slips as compared to walking on smooth floor tiles and carpets will lessen the impact if one does fall. Carpeting underfoot becomes its own shock absorber.

Carpeting provides some R-value which is helpful in our colder seasons. For many people, the appealing factor in buying carpeting is its beauty.  It can, by itself, make a statement in your office by the colour or pattern you chose.  There are thousands of colours, patterns and textures of carpets that you can pick from and then enjoy its many benefits.

So whether you have broadloom, carpet tiles, or area rugs, we at CAREPET CARE SYSTEMS, experienced and trustworthy carpet cleaners, in business for 18 years, know that purchasing a carpet is a costly investment so we will be only too happy to care for your carpets by setting up a cost effective maintenance program to suit your needs. Please call 416-247-7311 or email us at